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Are you struggling to get your child off to sleep? Have you tried every strategy going but found nothing has helped? Are you exhausted? Are you ready for change?

If you answered yes to some if not all of the above, there is a good chance that you: 

  • feel exhausted even before bedtime begins…
  • might even dread it?
  • don't like who you become when bedtime is a challenge.
  • feel you have no time for yourself or your partner!
  • feel guilty because one child's sleeping issue means you spend less time with another of your children.
  • argue with your partner over your child's bedtime struggles.
  • are tired and frustrated.
  • would love for the bedtime routine to be different!

The difficulties experienced by a child at bedtime have a strong ripple effect on the whole family. It is so exhausting. The good thing is that since you are here, you obviously do want to change your routine. I love that. We can always grow as parents and our children provide endless opportunities for us to learn about life.

Sleep is CRUCIAL for our children. And when you follow the program below, you will most likely see immediate change - not only in your child's life but also in your general way of parenting. Connecting to our hearts in the way we parent brings so much joy and simplicity to the family unit.

I am so happy you have made it to this class. I am so excited to help you.

I found the secret sleeping method!

When my girls were 3 and 6, I discovered this method to get them off to sleep. It not only changed our entire world but also created a strong bond between us. Meeting your child heart to heart at bedtime is just magical. The very good news is that once you understand the methodology behind conscious heart-powered parenting, a lot of things become so much easier.

When I saw the profound effect this method had on my children at bedtime and on our relationship, I knew I had to share it.

Today, I have shared the method with thousands of parents all over the world. And the good news is that it works across borders, cultures, religions and race. Do you want to know why? Because we all love our children. And all it takes for my methodology to work is for us to tune into the love we have for our children at bedtime.

Are you ready to rock that bedtime routine? 

The price of this program including The Children's Meditations In My Heart as a PDF is 97 euros. 

You can order the book as paperback or hardcopy in our webshop. When purchased together with this program you get a discount on the book.

Gitte’s online parental teaching course is worth thousands of euros. When teaching on a 1:1 basis, parents pay 5 times that of the online course. Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay to get the answer to the questions outlined above!

Will you get a guarantee?

As each family is different that would be hard for me to offer. However, by engaging in more heart-based conscious parenting it is very likely that you will see more smiles and less struggle in your families after being part of this program.

About the teacher:

Gitte Winter Graugaard is a Danish bestselling author, mindfulness instructor, healer, and life coach. She has written several books with child meditations at the heart of their narrative. These meditations are helping parents the world over to connect to their children in so many ways. Aside from an improved bedtime routine and better sleep, the meditations also help children to understand their inner world and nurture a deep love for themselves. This inner strength and self-love has informed Gitte’s own life and has enabled her to pursue her dreams and reach endless summits. She recently spoke about empowering children to connect at TEDx in Peterborough.

Gitte is also founder of "The Momo Academy", this online platform that aims to make mindfulness, meditation and yoga available in schools.

About the course:

In this online sleep course for parents, Gitte teaches the methodology behind her book The Children's Meditations In My Heart. Her book, available in three different languages, helps parents all over the world in 20+ countries, to read bedtime meditations to their children. It teaches them to fill up their hearts with love, say goodnight to their hearts and spread their heart energy to their friends, family and the rest of the world.

The book is included in the course as an e-book. Prior knowledge or purchase is not necessary. See the lessons below.

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Recommendations from happy parents:

“This book is not just a book. It is life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see. I am a mum of two beautiful girls the oldest is three. It is now that I wish to show her and fill her with the hope and magic of this world. I myself have only began to see the true magic in love in recent years but I want my children, all children to know their true power and value. This book is an amazing tool for that.”

“ I have been reading the book for the past 2 nights with success. My children have slept through the night.”

“These meditations are beautiful and unique. The imagery that is created is wonderful and the meaningful connections made are so special. I love that not only does it allow children to process their feelings of the day and know that they are immensely loved but it enables them to love themselves. They foster feelings of security and help to develop empathy. These meditations are relaxing and fulfilling not only for the child but the adult too! The messages are sometimes what I need to hear at the end of the day. My four year old son loves them and often talks about the imagery as well as creating his own artwork from them. They’ve been particularly helpful since he has started school. Highly recommended.”

“In bed 15 minutes and asleep. It usually takes over 2 hours by the time she falls asleep."

“We have this book – my 6 year old son ask for it every night as he loves it. It’s also really helping me as a restorative practice at the end of a busy day as a working Mum. "

“So far so good, exactly what I hoped and more” The Children’s Meditations In my Heart arrived yesterday and I was so pleased with it as I read through it. It was exactly what I’d hoped and tonight was first night I read it to my son. He’s an anxious child at times and can have difficulty going to sleep. Couldn’t believe he was asleep by the end of the second page.”

“Yes! I have read one every night to my son for the past 4 weeks. They are amazing!”

“Your book is amazing!!! And it also came into our lives just at the right time. We desperately needed the meditations at this point. The kids love it and I am seeing the almost immediate transformations with my girls and our relationship. And we are still only at the first meditation! we are very much looking forward to go through it all, it’s like going on a love adventure. I am absolutely going to announce it on my fb profile for all my other friends to see. Everyone should have one in their home. Again, thank you so much for this gift. You are doing an amazing job. Bit by bit you are helping to change the world.”

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